All In One Platform That Allows You To Sell Your Products Online & Tap Into An Army Of Hungry Affiliates

If you’re looking for an all in one platform that allows you to sell your products online then STOP what you’re doing and pay attention to this message.

I’m going to show you how you can tap into an army of hungry affiliates and save your money on your transactions fees. Also, I am going to give you instant access to a suite of tools, such as web hosting and page builder.

JV Share Connects You With Affiliates Who Can Promote Your Products.

Welcome to JV Share – groundbreaking online selling platform that connects you with affiliates who can promote your products.

From beginners to experts, JV Share is designed to help you do everything you need to sell your products in just minutes.

From digital products, to physical products, subscriptions, services, or memberships - setting up, creating your funnel and getting targeted traffic to your product has never been easier.

PLUS you’ll get instant access to our army of hungry affiliates, who are looking for high quality offers, just like yours!

True All In One Platform

We also give you a suite of tools from web hosting, to web page builder, to funnel builder, and more so we can help you get your products and services online as fast as possible.

JV Share is a true all in one platform that allows you to go from product creator to online selling expert in no time.

Ok – so now that I’ve got your attention, the question you probably have is, why would I use JVshare over the competitors.

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JVshare Connects Vendors with Affiliates To Drive New Customers

NO FEES - save your money.

Everyone likes saving money. Where other networks charge you up to 5% per transaction, at JV Share, we’ve eliminated almost all the costs so you do not pay any fees at all.

That means you’ll keep all the fees in your pocket and save 100% in fees vs. the competitors.

Oh and that works for both Paypal or your own merchant account!

The Propriety Enhanced JVShare JvPay System

You’ll get access to the propriety enhanced JVShare JvPay system that allows vendors to pay affiliates either instantly or based on milestones regardless of history, so your affiliates no longer need to wait 30, 60, 90 days or longer for their commissions.

Full Suite Of Tools To Get You Started

We want to get you up and running as fast as possible, so JVShare provides you with a suite of tools to get you started.

Need web hosting? We’ll give you that.

Need help with your sales page or landing page? We’ll give you access to an app to help you build your landing pages, sales pages, bonus pages, sales funnels, or even your traditional webpages.

And of course, it’ll be web and mobile optimized for maximum conversions.

JVShare White Label Share Program

You’ll also get instant access to our JVShare white label share program that allows you to offer white label licensing in just seconds.

If you are a vendor selling white label licensing, all your clients need to do to start selling your product, is to join JVhsare as vendor, and click AscendFunnels delivery link to clone sales funnel from your AscendFunnels account into theirs.

All in just seconds!

Affiliate Motivation Algorithm Built In

Last but not least, our system is designed to help our affiliates identify and promote products best suited for their needs using our built in motivation algorithm that pinpoints the best converting offers for their needs.

That means, your offer can always be seen to those who can send you the best traffic.

Become A Vendor Now

Significantly Increase Your Sales

JVshare was designed from the ground up to help you get an army of motivated affiliates, save you ton of money on the fees and also boost sales, increase amount of money customer spend on checkout, decrease money lost on refunds, decrease recurring subscription churn, and even build and host your sales pages.

Once you become a seller, you can significantly increase your sales with free trials, order bumps, product choices directly on checkout, payment plans, 1-click upsells, product bundles, and optimized funnels.

Make More Money From Recurring Subscriptions

And if you love recurring as much as we do, JV Share also helps you to make more money from recurring subscriptions by reducing churn rate with the ability to suspend and reactivate subscriptions, as well as by sending reminders to customers reminding them to update their payment method if it failed or expired.

So as you can see, JVShare is loaded with all the tools you need to start selling online today.

Access to an army of affiliates, sales page and funnel builders, and even web hosting, everything is included.

It's FREE to Start

The only question you may have is: How much is access to JV Share going to cost me?

Nothing! It's free to start! Look, we plan to eventually release JV Share to the public for $197, but today, during our introductory phase, we’re giving away FREE access.

Yes, there’s ZERO costs, so go ahead click on the Sign Up button below, and start selling today.

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